Connecting and Supporting

Independent Physicians


Our Mission


Our mission is to create a transparent, secure space for like-minded direct care and independent doctors to share goods, services, employment, office space, clinical rotations, mentorships and more.


A Network for Independent and Direct Care Physicians


Our goal is to promote direct connection and grassroots collaboration between independent physicians and celebrate the passion and dedication of hardworking direct care and independent doctors everywhere.


TrestleMD Founder


Beth Renzulli, MD is an internist in Middletown, Delaware. After 13 years in independent practice she transitioned to direct care. TrestleMD is born of two inspirations: first, the many direct care pioneers who have led the way in creating sustainable, joyful careers in medicine for themselves and others in the growing direct care community; and second, entrepreneur and philanthropist Craig Newmark, who brought grassroots e-commerce to the internet while maintaining an ethos of people before profits.






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